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Io non parlo Italiano

12 April 2013io-non-parlo-italianoWell, that is not entirely true. I speak some Italian and it is getting better every day. In Urbino I was truly tested as I was interviewed by the regional TV station for Urbino and Pesaro Tele 2000. Luckily the introductions to the questions covered most of what I wanted to say, so I could keep it short. The journalists were well prepared, had asked me most beforehand and rightfully concluded after hearing me answer all their questions that it was better not to put me through that in front of the camera. From what I understood from their introduction and questions, though, I must have given a pretty accurate description of what I was doing and why. I will find the Italian in me yet!

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Posted by tom - zaterdag 13 april 2013, 08:31
Dear MR Boon,

still going strong I see & hear.
good work!
keep on going!
It's a lot more italian/spanish then I'm able to speak.

loved the picture of the mozaic in the chruch you posted.

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Twalk With Me - Walking and Talking 6000 miles with just an iPhone and a guitar

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