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Tuesday June 22, 2010

I guess the subconscious always knows more than you do consciously, or in any case sooner. This is a song we - the Matt Jacobs Band - wrote a couple of years ago. And now I am actually going...

Friday April 17, 2015: [Read on »]
Tuesday October 15, 2013: [Read on »]
Tuesday September 24, 2013: After three years and 8000 kilometers on foot I closed of my social media pilgrimage at the masterpeace concert on the International Day of Peace in Istanbul... [Read on »]
Wednesday July 17, 2013: In Bosnia near Sokolac I passed a dead dog on the side of the street, run over by a car. She turned out to be a mother of one, a little puppy that popped up out of the grass.... [Read on »]
Wednesday June 19, 2013: Abandoned and forgotten like empty shells, I find animals that have died on the road everywhere along my path; unintended victims of our every day commuting. Some die with... [Read on »]
Thursday June 6, 2013: You never twalk alone. At the end of May 2013 guitarist Arash Aazami and bass player Michiel van Meeteren of my band in the Netherlands 'Le Grand Boeuf' looked me up in... [Read on »]
Friday March 8, 2013: Recorded an ode to the Lisbon Chillout Hostel on Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues. The video contains pictures from the time I was responsible for taking people out on the... [Read on »]
Sunday December 23, 2012: A compilation with all my hosts in the last two years. I hope to see you all again one day and that I can add many wonderful people to this compilation in the new year. A BIG... [Read on »]
Sunday September 30, 2012: Daniel, my host in Chiavari, told me that there is a karaoke bar in town. People shouldn't say those things to me. There is no way back after that. Luckily, they had Frank on... [Read on »]
Monday August 27, 2012: Why you may want to follow me on instagram @twalkwithme_to_cairo and check more pictures on my website: www.twalkwithme.eu. [Read on »]
Sunday July 1, 2012: The Knowledge of You with Joe Lewis, my bass playing host from Barcelona. No mix, no nothing, just a raw rooftop improv ditty. Check out Joe's website www.moongroove.com for... [Read on »]
Tuesday June 12, 2012: On arrival at my hosts Esther and Esteban in Sitges they informed me that they had arranged for me to give a presentation at a local primary school. At the e... [Read on »]
Saturday March 31, 2012: This is an invitation to everyone to start a pilgrimage for peace to the MasterPeace concert in Cairo, Egypt on 21 September 2014. I started my 10.000 kilometer walk in the... [Read on »]
Friday July 22, 2011: From now on I will be walking for MasterPeace to Cairo. Along the way I hope to record musicians who play a song for peace. This is the first one, recorded at the MasterPeace... [Read on »]
Monday May 30, 2011: These sheep escaped the barbed wire somehow so this farmer asked me to assist him in getting them back to where they belonged. Running sheep is a site to watch :) [Read on »]
Monday May 30, 2011: This little lamb does not want to go back to her mamma. This little scene just went on and on and on :) [Read on »]
Monday May 30, 2011: In Alburquerque I came across this old school knife grinder going from door to door. Listen for his mouth organ tune in the beginning with which he announces his arrival. [Read on »]
Monday May 30, 2011: Together with a good friend from the Netherlands I visited Sevilla. We stumbled on a small festival with live flamenco music and decided to stick around. This is one of the... [Read on »]
Saturday April 30, 2011: In Tomar in Portugal I finally had the chance to try out some video recording. I rerecorded Song for K with a Tascam portable recorder and set out with my hosts in Tomar,... [Read on »]
Saturday February 12, 2011: Sang this song with the band of my host in Trapagaran (near Bilbao), Oihane. She normally sings in the band, but here she is filming. The band didn't know the song, but they... [Read on »]
Tuesday August 17, 2010: Did some takes with Arash Aazami in the studio to get the end of 'Miles and Years apart' right. He has the music without vocals on his headphone while I improvise the lyrics... [Read on »]
Tuesday August 17, 2010: On Saturday, August 14, I hit the studio with my band to record some of the songs we've been working on the last few weeks. I wrote this one some three or four years back when... [Read on »]
Thursday August 5, 2010: [Read on »]
Sunday June 13, 2010: Writing my own personal soundtrack to my journey from the Netherlands to Santago de Compostela, Rome and Jerusalem. I shall be walking, talking and tweeting all the way. No... [Read on »]

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