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Song for K - Recorded and video shot in Tomar, Portugal

Saturday April 30, 2011

In Tomar in Portugal I finally had the chance to try out some video recording. I rerecorded Song for K with a Tascam portable recorder and set out with my ho...

Tuesday October 15, 2013: [Read on »]
Tuesday September 24, 2013: After three years and 8000 kilometers on foot I closed of my social media pilgrimage at the MasterPeace concert on the International Day of Peace in Istanbul... [Read on »]
Wednesday July 17, 2013: In Bosnia near Sokolac I passed a dead dog on the side of the street, run over by a car. She turned out to be a mother of one, a little puppy that popped up ... [Read on »]
Wednesday June 19, 2013: Abandoned and forgotten like empty shells, I find animals that have died on the road everywhere along my path; unintended victims of our every day commuting.... [Read on »]
Thursday June 6, 2013: You never twalk alone. At the end of May 2013 guitarist Arash Aazami and bass player Michiel van Meeteren of my band in the Netherlands 'Le Grand Boeuf' look... [Read on »]
Friday March 8, 2013: Recorded an ode to the Lisbon Chillout Hostel on Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues. The video contains pictures from the time I was responsible for taking pe... [Read on »]
Sunday December 23, 2012: A compilation with all my hosts in the last two years. I hope to see you all again one day and that I can add many wonderful people to this compilation in th... [Read on »]
Sunday September 30, 2012: Daniel, my host in Chiavari, told me that there is a karaoke bar in town. People shouldn't say those things to me. There is no way back after that. Luckily, ... [Read on »]
Monday August 27, 2012: Why you may want to follow me on instagram @twalkwithme_to_cairo and check more pictures on my website: www.twalkwithme.eu. [Read on »]
Sunday July 1, 2012: The Knowledge of You with Joe Lewis, my bass playing host from Barcelona. No mix, no nothing, just a raw rooftop improv ditty. Check out Joe's website www.mo... [Read on »]
Tuesday June 12, 2012: On arrival at my hosts Esther and Esteban in Sitges they informed me that they had arranged for me to give a presentation at a local primary school. At the e... [Read on »]
Saturday March 31, 2012: This is an invitation to everyone to start a pilgrimage for peace to the MasterPeace concert in Cairo, Egypt on 21 September 2014. I started my 10.000 kilome... [Read on »]
Friday July 22, 2011: From now on I will be walking for MasterPeace to Cairo. Along the way I hope to record musicians who play a song for peace. This is the first one, recorded a... [Read on »]
Monday May 30, 2011: These sheep escaped the barbed wire somehow so this farmer asked me to assist him in getting them back to where they belonged. Running sheep is a site to wat... [Read on »]
Monday May 30, 2011: This little lamb does not want to go back to her mamma. This little scene just went on and on and on :) [Read on »]
Monday May 30, 2011: In Alburquerque I came across this old school knife grinder going from door to door. Listen for his mouth organ tune in the beginning with which he announces... [Read on »]
Monday May 30, 2011: The feria in Alburquerque is an anual four day event in May. During the day there are demonstrations and auctions with cattle and people eating and drinking ... [Read on »]
Monday May 30, 2011: Together with a good friend from the Netherlands I visited Sevilla. We stumbled on a small festival with live flamenco music and decided to stick around. Thi... [Read on »]
Saturday February 12, 2011: Sang this song with the band of my host in Trapagaran (near Bilbao), Oihane. She normally sings in the band, but here she is filming. The band didn't know th... [Read on »]
Tuesday August 17, 2010: Did some takes with Arash Aazami in the studio to get the end of 'Miles and Years apart' right. He has the music without vocals on his headphone while I impr... [Read on »]
Tuesday August 17, 2010: On Saturday, August 14, I hit the studio with my band to record some of the songs we've been working on the last few weeks. I wrote this one some three or fo... [Read on »]
Thursday August 5, 2010: [Read on »]
Tuesday June 22, 2010: I guess the subconscious always knows more than you do consciously, or in any case sooner. This is a song we - the Matt Jacobs Band - wrote a couple of years... [Read on »]
Sunday June 13, 2010: Writing my own personal soundtrack to my journey from the Netherlands to Santago de Compostela, Rome and Jerusalem. I shall be walking, talking and tweeting ... [Read on »]

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